»Happy New Year«

Dear friends, it’s been an fantastic year. We’re currently working on the new album and simultaneously we already started on writing some new stuff for an awesome upcoming project. Stay tuned for the incredible details.
May 2018 be as fabulous and exciting and rich in music for all of us. Have a fantastic New Year’s Eve everyone. Tasty, loud and colorful.

»…lucky we…«

In order to give our new records the sound aesthetic we are looking for we’re recently working with a bunch of incredibly passionate musicians playing some awesome instruments. Featured instruments this time will we CELLO, VIOLA and DULCIMER. Looking forward to having some extra special fun time at the recording studio. 

»NEW ALBUM in the rough«

»…sudden movements in a timeless world…«
One year ago we released the album ‘Prototype of a Heart’… Today we finished the creative act of garnering ideas and floating from an infinite source of inspiration down to thirteen intimate tracks for our new album.
We will start vocal recordings next month. Life is a place to stay!

»it all starts here«

After a terrific summer break we’re finally back in the recording studio to start on our new album. We are so eeexciiiiteeeed! Best regards from a magic place, folks.

»WINGS – live video«

…watch our song »WINGS« as we performed it live at one of our promotion concerts for the new album »PROTOTYPE OF A HEART«…
…this is really a great one! Many thanks to Jens, Niklas and the whole video crew. Thanks to Tom, Robert and Edvard and to our wonderful musicians Klaus, Lukas, David and Constantin.
We’re so lucky having you all around, guys. Cheers!

»…emotional infectious..«

Thanks to the audience who listened so attentively. You all made it a happen to be a very special and atmospheric night!
Thanks to our wonderful art’n'technique crew: Tom, Robert and Edvard.
Thanks to Markus and all the Arge guys.
Thanks to THIRTEEN who brought in the right mood as they opened the evening so emotionally…
And MANY THANKS to our AWESOME MUSICIANS – Lukas, Klaus, David and Constantin -
It really is a pleasure working with you, guys!

»ROIA… The prototype of a heart… A living thing… and emotional infectious..!«

picture by Robert Herbe